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We are Revitalizing the Earth's Water one home and business at a time
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Home of the Original Grander® Technology

We are revitalizing the Earth’s
water one home and business
at a time

Water Treatment For The 21st Century


Above picture of Johann Grander receiving a Silver medal from the Russian Government for his work with water revitalization. The only one ever awarded by the Russian Government to a non-Russian.

Nature Applied:

Grander® Revitalizers Stimulates Natural Regenerative Processes Within Water. Helps the environment. Improving the water quality around your home and business has many benefits.

  • enjoy bathing and showering more!
  • improved water quality
  • softer feeling water

  • associated health spin-offs
  • gardens and plants flourish!
  • enjoy the taste of water and drink more!

    In Your Apartment Or House
    The GRANDER® technology makes your home a better place to be. Enjoy the many benefits of GRANDER® when you install a unit on your entire home.

  • improved water quality

    In Restaurants or business
    Not only are you helping the environment in a big way by choosing to use GRANDER®......but the technology is a single-point, maintenance free water treatment solution that leads directly to savings on the bottom line.

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    Living Water in America

    It is perhaps indicative of the plight of modern science that the most obvious phenomena in nature remain unexplained. For example: it is well known that clouds are composed of water vapor and dust particles. Both of these substances are heavier than air. By what means do clouds remain suspended high above the ground?

    What causes the sap in trees to rise hundreds of feet vertically, despite the influence of gravity? Why does water flow freely from mountain springs, when in the valleys we must dig wells and force it out with pumps?

    What causes blood, a very thick and viscous fluid, to flow through miles of tiny capillaries in our bodies? By action of the heart? Not likely. The pressure required to force such flow would burst our delicate tissues. In fact, circulation is observed in embryos even before the heart is formed.

    Evidence suggests there is an important operating principle of nature which has been virtually overlooked. It is a principle at work in all of nature’s creatures, but sadly absent in laboratories made sterile by materialistic science.

    Eighty years ago a forestry engineer in Bavaria applied principles he learned from nature in the design of simple machines. His name was Victor Schauberger. Victor Schauberger was employed by a financially troubled landowner in Bavaria at the end of World War 1. By studying the use of vortexes in nature, he devised a new type of log flume that reduced the cost of transporting heavy timber by 90%. His system was able to convey beech and oak logs which, being heavier than water, had previously required hauling by wagon.

    More recently an Austrian by the name of Johann Grander has carried on the work. Through his dedicated efforts, an important new water treatment technology has spread throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and America, and is poised to stem the tide of ecological death at the hands of industry and commerce.

    This is the story of Grander® Living Water

    Several years ago, a lost traveler appeared at my country door in the foothills outside of Santa Fe. After some initial difficulty, I was able to help her reach her destination. Several nights later she returned to share some information as a “gift” for my patience and aid earlier in the week. She handed me a small cylindrical object and announced its purpose was to normalize and re-energize water: The device, manufactured in Austria was roughly the same size as a can of soda. Although mildly amused, having researched numerous technologies over twenty-five years that never lived up to their claims, my still naturally curious mind opened to challenge.


    Above picture shows Grander® inline units for the home and appartments.

    As I held the object in my hand, the enviable weight steered my senses to another level of activity within.

    My blood began to race, my respiration increased, a heat began to rise in my system that was always an indication that I was face to face with something important. I poured some of my tap water (from a pure source, 350 feet deep well) through the unit and drank it. Indeed the water tasted different-cleaner, wetter, stronger.

    Subsequent testing revealed that the physical structure of the water (not the chemical structure) had been changed.

    My curiosity was soundly aroused, and I began to gather as much information as I could about the technology, called “Grander® Living Water.” At the time there was very little literature available about Grander®.

    Eventually I compiled several notebooks of anecdotes from people using the products. I learned that people and animals always preferred Grander® treated water over any other, while plants that consumed it became greener and healthier. Waste water from homes and farms with Grander® units was cleaner and decomposed more rapidly,

    Engines with Grander® units installed ran more efficiently and emitted fewer pollutants. Incredible as it sounds these units consume no power and add no chemicals to the fluids that pass through them.

    Recently, a European best-selling book appeared entitled On the Track of Water’s Secrets. It explains the history of Grander® Living Water Technology. What then is the story on this Grander® Living Water Technology and what are it’s implications for our environment?

    Here is a brief outline composed from the above mentioned source

    “On the Track of Water’s Secrets”

    It has been long known to students of nature that water is more than the approximate 2/3 of our human makeup, the 90% of some animals and plants, and the 70% of the Earth itself. It is the mediator between the etheric and physical worlds.

    It picks up information through vibration from everything it comes in contact with. It is further supplied with information from our solar system. When “healthy,” water has the capacity to self-cleanse, to supply energy for living things, and to assist in removing waste products.

    What has happened to this wonderful life-affirming element that Lao-tsu in the 6th Century BC called “the emblem of supreme virtue”? Simply put, we have desecrated it. We have forced it out of the ground before it is “ripe.” We have confined it under pressure through miles of pipe. We have exposed it to staggering environmental pollution, and then added grand quantities of harmful substances to “clean it up.” For human consumption again. Although we may achieve chemically “pure” water, the vibrational frequency of the contaminates and discordant activities that the water has been put through remain in the water and negatively influence all living functions!

    It was to this very problem that the inventor, Johann Grander, turned his attention over a decade ago. It is his honor to have found a way to “restore the information water needs to reconstruct all the energy it has lost,” to replace the accumulated negative vibrations with a higher, life-affirming vibration.

    The energized fluid that he put in his water units, (as well as his pendants for wearing, Penergizers for stirring fluids, and his rods for wells, manure lagoons, ponds, and lakes), transmits vibrational information (no energy itself) to the eater around it. The implications and applications are profound.

    The Grander® Living Water units have not diminished in effectiveness over the past 75 years.

    They are used in Europe and more recently the United States and Canada. They are used in residential, commercial and natural settings with intriguing results.

    My own passionate interest is in the Revitalization of lakes and ponds. This past July I had the opportunity to experiment with a one to two acre pond in northern Indiana. The fish had all died (despite restocking). The pH was 10.8. The pond was filled with three main agricultural run-off, and sediment had accumulated to the depth of three feet or more. It was my estimation after installing the rods and a commercial-sized unit


    The above picture shows Grander® Technology Revitalizer suspension units for pools standing water tanks large aquariums resivouires and lakes. The units come in single rod sizes as well

    Continue here -->through which we pumped the pond water 24 hours a day, we thought that it would take a month or so to see any improvement.

    And yet, within hours of beginning the project, we began to see results. Great swirls of white foam began to form in the center of the pond. Testing indicated that the pH was already dropping.

    Five days later I received a call notifying me that the pond was clear to the bottom! The pH was 7.6, the algae had disintegrated and was all gone except for a small ring around the edge of the pond, and people were swimming in it! Remember that absolutely no chemicals were used to achieve this result.

    I have since seen other similar responses with Grander® Living Water Technology.

    The sky is the limit in the potential of Grander® Living Water Technology and the application for Grander® Living Water Technology is just in its infancy.

    Grander® Water Revitalization Units

    Grander® Water Revitalization Units are available in multiple sizes for a wide
    variety of applications. They consume no power or chemicals and seem to
    last indefinitely.

    A portable stirring unit called the “Penergizer “

    Changes that occur when water is treated

  • Improvement in water quality.

    The Grander® process changes the inner structure of water and returns the water molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable.

  • How is the water revitalized

    The Grander® process involves a field effect generated by highly structured water ("Information Water") developed by Johann Grander. The precise method by which he produces "Information Water" is a trade secret. The Information water passes structural information through it's field to other liquids nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure (is "revitalized").

  • Worldwide practical experience of using Grander® Technology has confirmed Johann Grander's assertion that this effect can be passed on to all waters.

  • Key revitalized water properties are

  • Enhanced shelf life
  • Enhanced solvent power
  • Enhanced microbiological properties
  • Enhanced shelf life "Blue Water" is sold with an official shelf life of 4 years. The Blue Water is never subjected to any kind of disinfection during the bottling process. The water has been shown to remain pure regardless of storage conditions (e.g. temperature and light). These unique keeping properties are only possible through the Grander® process.

    Enhanced solvent power practical experience in thousands of applications has shown that the use of revitalized water enables the reduction in quantity of detergents whilst maintaining cleaning effects. This allows the clear conclusion to be drawn that revitalized water has more solvent power.

  • Enhanced microbiological properties Practical experience with industrial closed heating/cooling circiits demonstrates that when the water is revitalized using thr Grander® process it can be used for longer periods of time without losing its microbiological stability.

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