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Nature's Oldest Organisms are Today's New Fast Food

Three wonderful new beverages that come all the way from Australia have earned the stamp of approval for healthy living.
You will definitely want to add these Grainfieldsus products to your growing repertoire of foods that contain beneficial bacteria and yeast. Everyone, including those with Candidiasis and sensitivity to wheat, can enjoy these Pre-digested therapeutic miracles.
We encourage you to add cultured vegetables and young green coconut juice to your diet. These foods strengthen your health and immunity. We must learn that these organisms are not our enemies-- we just need the right ones.
We were enlightened after a Q&A session with Grainfieldsus about their products.
Here is what we learned:
What does the B.E. stand for on the Grainfieldsus B.E. Wholegrain Liquid label?

B.E. stands for before everything; it was the first product we made…
The liquid beverage has ingredients we usually do not recommend for clients, such as those with gluten; so why is it safe for someone with candida?

Because all the gluten has been fermented (Digested) out and converted to amino acids. You will find that once the body is colonized, most of the allergies go away. Candida is an imbalance of bad yeasts in the body, but Grainfieldsus products are beneficial yeasts that help to suppress candida yeasts. And Grainfieldsus is Grander treated  Look up www.alkalinewaterworks4u.com for more information on this amazing system.

Is Grainfieldsus B.E. liquid like Rejuvelac?

Rejuvelac is a fermented wheat drink that was created by Anne Wigmore and is recommended by most traditional raw foods diet advocates that she created years ago. It contains wild yeast from the air.

We do not recommend that because many people with a systemic yeast infection (Candidiasis) have a very negative reaction to it because the yeasts in the air are not always the good ones that you want in your body.

Grainfieldsus B.E. Wholegrain Liquid also contains wheat (and other grains, beans and seeds) that have been fermented (pre-Digested)by adding hardy mircroflora and beneficial yeast such as Saccharomyces Boulardii.

The two products are completely different. The microflora in the Grainfieldsus B.E. Wholegrain liquid have specifically acted upon the wheat and made it not only harmless but beneficial.

We believe that Anne Wigmore, the creator of Rejuvelac and the founder of the raw foods movement, would have been quite happy to be able to recommend this wonderful Grainfieldsus B.E. Wholegrain liquid Probiotics to her followers.

Grainfieldsus B.E. liquid Probiotics, Extract of Grainfieldsus Ginger& Lemon Probiotics and the fermented Grainfieldsus Spirulina Probiotic all contain the same wonderful microorganisms. Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Delbreukii, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (a yeast and an excellent source of B vitamins) and Saccharomyces Boulardii (also a yeast that has been shown to control pathogens like Clostridia Difficile).

My favorite way to use BE Whole Grain Liquid:
• Fill glass 1/4 full with Grainfieldsus B.E. Whole Grain Liquid
• Add one ounce of Grainfieldsus Extract of Grains, Lemon & Ginger
• Add until full, Sparkling Mineral Water such as San Pellegrino
• A splash of Grainfieldsus Fermented Spirulina can be added for an extra "kick of energy."
• This can be enhanced by your favorite fresh fruit or vegetables juiced
• If needed add xylatol or stevia to taste.
Do you know if the beverages are good for specific conditions?

All the liquids we make are good for all types of conditions as they all aid in digestion.

Once the body is colonized properly, the body is able to start healing itself and people will start feeling more energized and healthy.

However, people may feel poorly in the beginning because the bacteria are converting the toxins that have been stored in their body. For those people who have had problems for a long time, more time is needed to heal.

Should people with certain conditions avoid Grainfieldsus products?

We have not found any conditions that Grainfieldsus products are not good for.

Why do your products contain malt? Are there special nutrients in malt?

The malt is actually a barley malt, or a simple sugar, which contains wonderful nutrients. Bacteria love to feed on it, making it easier and faster to establish good bacteria in the gut.

Does this drink become alcoholic?

No. This is safe for recovering alcoholics as it contains only .02% alcohol.
Are the beverages considered a digestive aid when taken with meals or just simply improves digestion so that when you eat, you have more microflora in your gut?

All our liquids are considered digestive aids, so they are great to eat with meals, or alone.

They are loaded with the B group vitamins, which help calm your nervous system and keep you feeling refreshed.

“All of the Products on this website are Grander®ized & come with a free gift with every order of $150.00 or more.”

What is Grainfields U.S.A.
? & Why Do You Need It?

* Boosts energy. *Boosts immunity. *
Improves Digestion. * Helps body deal effectively with stress. * Provides a
quick and easy source of complete nutrition

How does it work?

Grainfieldsus BELIXIR is
a true Living Food System made from naturally occurring, organic ingredients.

It contains the nutrients the body needs, in
a form that is 99.9% bioavailable.

This means that it needs no digestion and is
immediately available to be absorbed into the body.

It contains 12 friendly bacteria that restore
the health of your digestive tract.

Many people believe that all bacteria are

This is not so! The good bacteria found in

actually fights and overpowers the bad bacteria (germs) in your body.

The benefits from this century old idea, known
as "probiotics", are now available with Grainfieldsus BELIXIR products.

The combination of 120 nutrients and 12
bacteria is unique to Grainfieldsus BELIXIR and is not available in other products.


Grainfields U.S.A.

we are a Holistic Technology System , And Healing Center. Our Belief is.

"Only The Best; No Compromises!"

You are concerned with all things that help to enhance better health & quality
of life on all levels.

And we are
dedicated to giving our customers & clients the best in service, education &
products so that you can achieve your goals.

We are your
official distributors of Grainfields™ Probiotics, Grander™ Water and air
purification technologies, Virgin Oil De Coco Créme™, Bioprotein-Plus™

To Carry
any of these products in your stores or practice contact us. For quantity
orders contact us.

Grainfields™ Probiotics

Good Bacteria-The Quiet Achievers
Grainfields is the only line of
granderized probiotics
in the world; including B.E. Wholegrain Liquid,
Lemon & Ginger Wholegrain Liquid, Grains & Greens, Phytofood, Super Greens,
Wholegrain powder, Liquid Spirulina, The Healthiest Green drinks and
Probiotics in the World;

Pet Pep up
probiotics for your pets

Jungle Flora
plant food and plant growth accelerator.

All of
Grainfields™ products are 100% Dairy free, 100% Non GMO, No Sugar Added, 100%
Fermented, 100%Predigested, 99% - 100% Organic,100% Safe and Are 100%
Wonderfully balancing and Functional Foods for you, your pets and your plants.

Grander™ Water & Air Technologies

We Are
Revitalizing The Earths Water and Air one Home or Business at a time
Most Incredable Water Purification System in the World. This technology was
good enough to help clean up the Russian Water and Air system, Wouldn't you
like to find out more about this for your Home or Business.

Virgin Oil De Coco-Créme™


Our Oil De Coco
Créme™ has been called the Healthiest Dietary oil on Earth, Our Oil De Coco
Créme™ is the ONLY Coconut oil that is 100% CLEAR when melted (As it contains
ONLY 100% Coconut oil No Copra (Copra means ground Coconut shell.)

If you are not
using our Virgin Oil De Coco Créme™ for your everyday cooking and for Your
Personal Body Nutritional Skin and Beauty Care Needs and thoes of Your Family
you are missing out on one of Natures Most Incredably Amazing Health Foods.

What Our Virgin De Coco Créme™ Coconut oil

  • Reduces risk of
    arteriosclerosis and heart disease.

  • Reduces risk of
    cancer and other degenerative conditions.

  • Helps prevent
    bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections.

  • Supports immune
    system function and helps control diabetes.

  • Provides an
    immediate source of energy.

  • Supports
    healthy metabolic function.

  • Improves
    digestion and nutrient absorbtion.

  • Supplies
    important nutrients necessary for good health.

  • Promotes weight
    loss by speading up the metabolism and helps prevent osteoporosis.

  • It has a mild
    flavor and is highly resistant to spoilage.

  • is heat
    resistant (the healthiest oil for cooking).

  • It helps keep
    skin soft and smooth, prevents premature aging and wrinkling of the skin

  • Helps protect
    against skin cancer and other blemishes,and functions as a protective

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